Cool SEM Images

Below are some of the results obtained in the SEMLab

Flowerlets of Chamomille Plants


High-resolution images of Hemiptera Insects (True Bugs!)


Characterization of laser ablation tracks for ejecta volume analysis


Photo Courtesy of: Carlos Rodriques and Dr. Rob O'Brien, Chemistry, UBC Okanagan Campus

Reference calcium carbonate crystal for characterization of carbonate formation in local freshwater lakes


Photo Courtesy of: Stephanie Judge, Dr. Jeff Curtis, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UBC Okanagan Campus

Freshwater diatom; Characterization of diatom assemblages as an indicator of past and present environmental conditions in freshwater lakes


Photo Courtesy of: Carrie White and Dr. Ian Walker, Biology, UBC Okanagan Campus

Characterization of Yttria-stabilized Zirconia Fibers


Photo Courtesy of: Audrey Siebert-Timmins and Dr. Lukas Bichler, School of Engineering, UBC Okanagan Campus

Electron Backscatter Difffraction map of stainless steel showing grain boundaries and crystal orientations


Photo Courtesy of: David Arkinstall, SEMLab, UBC Okanagan Campus


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